In IF Trade at first, we take time to listen to the customers and suppliers to understand their needs. As a result, we not only deliver reliable, quality and new products to the right customers, but also, we discover and establish new markets. We believe, success can be achieved by being close and understanding both customers and suppliers. IF Trade, is not only professional in exporting and marketing various products/services, but also in importing products such as; raw materials and semi-finished products.

Save your valuable time, energy and financial resources spent on market research, evaluation and selection, and contact us.     

International trade, is the art of establishing good and new relations. The less relations you have, the less alternative solutions you have. IF Trade offers you global marketing and worldwide supply management services, and establishes the ideal relations for you.


1-Global Marketing

Do you want to move your trade to the international arena, but your time and resources are limited?  You can make your foreign trade processes through IF Trade, especially with a foreign country which can be a time consuming and costly undertaking. So, minimize your costs and be more competitive in your business by working with a strategic partner you trust.


We can easily interact with different markets and cultures, because of our export experience and relationships with potential buyers worldwide. IF Trade, on the other hand, ensures that your products comply with the laws and regulations in foreign markets, in which give the opportunities for your products and services, while saving you from massive costs.

We believe that Turkey’s potential and offered opportunities are not well recognized enough world widely. Therefore, our focus is to introduce and sell Turkish branded products and services, and establish new and continuously partnership worldwide. IF Trade uses a different model of export instead the classic one while selling your products. On the one hand, IF Trade takes all the risks of the international market and the responsibility of payment procedures.

In this condition, IF Trade manages all of your processes such as market research, identification of potential buyers, exportation of sales plans, participation of the most important international exhibitions and fairs, communication with potential customers, and finalization of payment and shipping processes. As your products are sold to the world, your risks are thus kept to a minimum. 

The aim of IF Trade is to manage a permanent and long-term strategic partnership for all the companies that want to export and import. Also, to develop and present global marketing strategies that would provide higher profit for all partners.


2- Global Supply Management

Today, many companies and / or individuals want to purvey products or services at affordable prices from abroad. However, there are very important procedures and points to be followed in importing. If those are not fulfilled carefully and if the product/service, would be imported, are not enough researched, then unexpected costs can be encountered. IF Trade, carries out all the necessary processes to ensure that raw materials, semi-finished products or products that your company wants to import are delivered to you in the desired quality, with affordable price on time. For this purpose, we provide detailed market researches about foreign markets for the products you want to import, evaluating the results, conducting negotiations with the determined companies, arranging the products in the qualities you want, and delivering it to you on time and with affordable price.

IF You Want;

If you want to import different products/services from the international market, if you want your import operations to be effective, sufficient, fast, and results-oriented, if you want to  minimize all costs of imported products/services from the supplier’s warehouse to yours, if you want to import but you have lack of language knowledge and international trade legislation knowledge, if you want to carry out all your import transactions with a professional team and minimize the risks of importing, then we would be honored and happy to serve you.